The "Keys of Enoch", Book of Knowledge, is an oustanding book. Glimpsing at it is far from enough to understand what it is about, it riquires dedication. Althought the author's experiment cannot  be considered a hundred percent objective, one must admit our thoughtforms are definitly not used to mystical perceptions, and even less to expressing them clearly. If we forget about clinging onto the thought that there is no inhabited, intelligent dimension beyond our own, we must consider at least for a moment that the teachings within this opera might be true.../...


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Dolci Colori is a familly business created in 1910 by Arturo Dolci, specialised in selecting making and working earth colours and pigments. Those natural earths well-known for their inimitable shades and their semi-transparency are very important for art and restauration.


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Crystal NTE offers consulting and products for air, water and energy treatment and optimisation according to the latest technologies. 


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