Spring and autumn seminars with the American oncologist Dr Carl Simonton and his Swiss team.  Over the course of his career, Dr Simonton has built on his experience to develop a humanist approach to cancer. For 12 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of assisting Dr Simonton in transmitting his message to a wider audience, helping patients to discover a new approach to cancer care. 

Seminars by the Norwegian researcher Ananda Bosman presenting the “modern 432hz AUMéga Music Revolution”:  an approach to metaphysical research based on the “reality” of recent discoveries in the field of physics.

Seminars given by Dan Winter on the sacred geometry of Brussels.


Vietnamese facial multi reflexology, invented around 1980 by Pr. Dr  Bùi Quoc Châu. Painful and delicate points are detected and treated on the face, hands or other body parts of the person. It is "simple and easy" is Dr  Bùi Quoc Châu's moto.