Simultaneous  translation

"on stage", some years later in

cabins, of the annual european

convention of the Academy for Future Science (into French, from English, German, Spanish, Italian, ...). This convention is a four day ongoing event (10am to 10pm), with videos in many different languages, and speakers from all over the world.



Innovations in rail vehicle

coating are being driven

by the trend towards conserving energy

and resources.

While this has led to greater use of modern products, such as high-solids paints, waterborne paints and functional systems, coating manufacturers still have a job to do, because e. g. the chemical cleaners used for removing graffiti tend to destroy solventless and eco-friendly systems. One solution might be to create tougher paints. Another could be easy-to-clean coat­ings that eliminate the need to use harsh cleaning agents in the first place. 
A further factor driving innovation is the need to cut costs and increase productivity in the coating pro­cess. Automation and streamlining are just two ways in which plant and equipment manufacturers might seek to devise innovative solutions here.